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2020! Throwback...Child portraits

Updated: Jul 11

Recently, I looked back on the second half of 2019 and my favorite child & family pictures from the past 6 months.

All child & family portraits with a lifestyle or storytelling aspect.

These are personal black & white pictures of my own child. Often my family pictures for other people are more colorful, but I also LOVE to add black & whites to all my family galleries

I compiled my favorite 8!

As usual, they are black & white child portraits

These pictures span summer holidays right the way through to recent winter faves - taken at the window of my home here in Blackrock, Dublin.

The light in winter is often very beautiful. On a clear day with a blue sky, the light remains golden throughout the morning and afternoon. You can see more recent window light portraits here too.

It's easier to take photographs any time of the day in the winter as the harsh midday light is less harsh and unforgiving.

For family sessions in Dublin, winter light can be very flattering too.

An earlier golden hour during the winter means plenty of golden light without having to do the family photo shoot much later in the evening! That means I can schedule a family photo shoot in the afternoon, particularly in the run up to the Christmas season & New Year.

Low light is one of my favorite lighting conditions. The window light in my home in Blackrock, Dublin, offers deep shadows and plenty of options for working with high contrast blacks & whites.

Emotive family photographer Dublin. Contact me to set up a family photography session for children, babies & newborns. At home or somewhere special outdoors.

Have a great week, Cara

boy in a wheelbarrow, gentle expression, award winning family photography

family portrait showing brother and sister hugging under an apple tree, award winning family portrait

boy with a wet face after shower, ward winning child portrait

award winning child lifestyle portrait, international family documentary awards

boy wrapped in fake fur coat. 2nd place child photo competition, best of black & white international child photography. featured in bored pands and The Times, UK

child portrait, Halloween, taken with skull and flowers

boy lying by window light in blackrock, Dublin. award winning child portrait

boy with drawn on mustache


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