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Are you ready for your close up?

Florence inside...

I'm halfway through editing these. Here are a few indoor portraits of my girl in a patch of my bedroom in Blackrock, Dublin, with awesome window light. And I mean awesome light.

Not necessarily that dazzling kind of full-on light, rather the softer subdued light I love. Day turning to night kind of light. Where the light intensifies for a bit and then settles into a half-dark.

Aside from the light, these are close up portraits. The book is in the frame as a starting point to the portrait. I thought it might be interesting. A picture within a picture like my frame within a frame series. I'm not quite there yet, but creating is always good fun.

Close ups are great for capturing the details of someone's face. In her case, I love her freckles! I love to use a sharpening tool when I edit to bring out the freckles. Texture in a portrait really adds interest. Sometimes, I have to stop myself from over sharpening (I can see some over sharpening here). I must refrain myself, take it to just sharp enough, but still natural.

I want to push this indoor portrait series a little further by introducing some props that go with the pages of the book she is lying next to.

I have just gotten a crab through the post. A realistic life size crab. I can't wait to use it for one of my kooky indoor portraits using the book. I want to set up an indoor-outdoor beach scene...Well, summer is coming, so why not?! I love unusual and slightly odd portraits so much.

Now back to the light!

Light is everything, and I mean everything to a portrait photographer!

As a light-seeker it's important to find the best spots in a home. The best spots at the best time of day. Right now, at around 8pm, there is the most gorgeous golden hour light inside.

As well as this tiny patch of carpet by the window, there is some divine dappled light that extends across my bedroom walls in the late afternoon. Sometimes interesting geometric light shapes cut across the bedroom walls too, created by furniture shapes. I haven't gotten to those yet.

The great thing about inside natural light, as with outdoor natural light, is that the light changes throughout the year. Never the same twice. Contact me for your light-filled Dublin photoshoot!

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