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At home newborn photographer Dublin, here with a fluffy dog...


A dog can really be at the heart of some families. They certainly add fun, movement & connection to any family photo shoot, either at home or in an outdoor location.

Often when baby is just a few days or weeks old, at home photography is the preferred place. If the weather is warm enough, we can also use the garden. When baby is a little older, there are lots of outdoor location to choose from in Dublin.

As an at home newborn photographer Dublin, I have sessions that include large and small family groups. I can include extended family & friends, including all the furry ones!

Here is an at home newborn shoot I did very recently with mum, dad, newborn baby boy and little (very energetic) puppy.

Also, check out this page for all my baby & newborn information.

fluffy dog licking newborn baby boy's toes at home in the kitchen. at home newborn photographer dublin by cara hodge
Lick my toes

I like to do at home newborn sessions with a documentary approach. That is capturing unexpected moments as they unfold naturally and with little or no prompting from me.

However, there are times (below) where I know there is a "set up" that will work well. Mum, dad & baby have to be comfortable & relaxed and there is no better place then settling down on the sofa or bed. Then I will encourage everyone to ignore the camera or not necessarily look into it, unless they want to of course!

mum, dad, holding newborn baby and with dog on dad's lap. at home newborn photo shoots with all the family including your dog
Snug on the couch

The moment when dad quite spontaneously lifted the dog's ears as mum fed little baby boy! An adorable moment....

dad lifting dog's ears playfully as mum watches fedding newborn baby on the sofa

I like to play with aperture so sometimes one family member is in sharper focus and the other is in soft focus. This is also known as playing with "depth of field" to add interest.

dad staring into camera proudly holding his dog on sofa as mum in soft focus feeds her newborn baby boy

Even closer up, and baby and mum fall into bokeh but doggie is very sharp and in focus.

dog on bed with mum in background in soft focus

When I do a newborn photography at home session, I like to also focus on the love & affection between the couple, and will spend some time trying to capture romantic couples photography if that is available to me. I love this picture! The colors are also lovely in low light.

mum and dad kissing in living room with baby in dad's arms and dog watching

I always like to do some pictures which are uniquely about mum or dad holding & interacting with their new baby. Here dad and doggie are in the background but they add a point of interest in the corner of the frame which the eye can travel to...

Mum holding her baby's hands as dad pets dog in the background. at home family photographer Dublin for newborn and family sessions
With mum

Finally, I always love to include black & white photography in my newborn sessions (natural newborn at home in black & white).

Favorite pictures can be in both color with soft vintage tones or else black & white.

dog licking baby's toes, mum holding dog and dad holding baby in the kitchen at home

When baby is older we can get outside & take the dog for a walk!

When baby is older, outdoor locations are perfect for families, including other siblings, family members - and in this case, a fluffy white dog.

We took a walk around Carysfort park & gardens, Blackrock. There is a maize with a plinth which provided a good focal point for autumn family portraits Dublin with a new baby boy and his dog.

At this time of year, golden hour is earlier in the day. Yellow mellow autumn light in the afternoon as the days get darker & shorter. Flattering natural light for family portraits with baby!

This baby boy was a delight. All smiles. At three months babies can really start interacting with their environment.

The family also wanted their first baby - a white fluffy dog - to be included in their pictures.

I really welcome dogs on my family photo shoots, Dublin.

Dogs really stimulate genuine interactions. Dogs are never self conscious in front of the camera (...and neither are babies!!) & help the rest of the family to relax & enjoy the pictures.

While mum & dad tend to baby boy, I can click away unnoticed.

By shooting quickly I managed to capture baby's first smiles. Sometimes a baby's smile might only last a second or two at this age!

Although I love family & child portraits, a lot of my family sessions are also documentary family photography. That's natural, candid interaction that is not posed.

This baby boy wrapped up cozy in white woolens. The great thing about outdoor baby or newborn photos in autumn or winter, is that you can accessorize with lovely, cozy knitwear. It can be easy to swap out a hat, scarf, coat or shawl on location outside. White woolens and neutrals work so well, without detracting from YOU and the natural environment!

I do give out wardrobe tips, but nothing complicated. It's mostly important to feel comfortable & above all cozy in autumn or winter baby photo shoots.

Autumn & winter family & baby photo shoots Dublin make for great Christmas presents. These family photography sessions taken before the festive season can also be made into beautiful Christmas cards for family & friends

If you want to gift a family session this Christmas, or as a birthday present all year, I have vouchers available!

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Cara xx

mum scooping baby boy in her arms
Scoop me up

white dog,  mum and dad with baby boy in a maize and dog standing on a plinth
With Doggie

 baby boy first smile with mum and dad, dublin park

mum, dad with new baby boy in white winter woolens and fluffy white dog sitting in a carpet of autumn leaves


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