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Between Countries & Brush Strokes

Like the title of my blog post this week, the content is also random. After returning to Dublin for the start of the school term, I did a quick two week trip to the U.K to see family. My daughter was doing work experience in London, so I tagged along to see family & then a whirlwind trip up to the West country to see yet more family, before heading back to Dublin.

Visiting my nieces and nephews in Glastonbury, it was all go go go. The house is being renovated at long last...

In between digging up the garden, I was matching Farrow & Ball paint samples with delicious names like Pigeon, Mizzle, Oval Room Blue, Borrowed Light, Setting Plaster. I am officially obsessed with paint names!

I took a few family portraits here and there when I had the chance. I love my niece in her glittery sequins about to do an arm wrestle, amongst the shell of the kitchen and debris. I also love the portrait of my niece, sill in her starry dressing gown, in the garden. Mixed with these are two more portraits from summer.

This blog post is, as I say, a little bit disjointed and chaotic. Sometimes lifestyle photography is about going with the flow, grabbing the camera when there is the chance for it. Sometimes the children come to me. An excuse to wear sequins despite the mess, after all...

I am back in Dublin now and looking forward to a baby photoshoot in a Dublin park later this evening. The days are already cooling off and getting shorter. Golden hour will be earlier & earlier as Winter sets in. I look forward to all my autumn family portraits & Communion photography. Look forward to sharing more soon!

Have a lovely week

Cara xo

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