• Cara Hodge

Black & white & color. It takes two to tango!

In truth I love both!

And isn't she gorgeous?

As a family & lifestyle photographer in Blackrock, Dublin, I toggle between the two

I love the timeless quality of a black & white portrait. Sometimes, though, color is very evocative of a time & place. Sometimes recalling the exact color of say your loved one's hair or eyes feels important.

I love her beautiful light hair and piercing eyes in the frame, amongst all the lush garden planting. At the same time, the black & white centers my gaze on her, distilling everything to the purest elements.

When it comes to portraits, I love a natural edit. With a bit of enhancement. I might double check the white-balance on camera raw. Then make my own call on whether to turn up the warmth, or cool things down. I love a pop of glow too.

If things turn out right on camera, then usually editing is minimal afterwards. A natural edit means a few tweaks to bring out the best in a portrait.

By the way, I am also excited about my new individual portrait sessions. I am working on this special offer - so watch this space! It's all about studio style portraits in a natural setting. In the comfort of your own home. Or in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Now that covid is finally easing up, and things are reopening, the possibilities for family & lifestyle photoshoots around Dublin are hotting up. So too is the weather! A good combination...

Yep. Now that the sun is shining in Dublin, there are so many gorgeous outdoor, all-natural light settings to choose between. There are lovely green spaces as well as locations by the sea, such as Seapoint, a stone's throw from Blackrock.

Cara, x

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