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Black & White mood

I blogged about my picture within a picture a couple of weeks back. I am still editing my summer pictures whilst also editing some pictures from a recent shoot here in Dublin. A UCD graduation. It was so exciting to do the graduation shoot, so many happy excited faces! Hopefully I'll be able to cover some pictures from this lifestyle photography session really soon... And in between working on those, I am still working on black & white portraits from the summer. My son found an old frame lying about and we did some pictures with it. A black & white portrait is really dependent on composition, light, and above all an emotive mood. With composition, sometimes the unpredictable can work best. Using unexpected lines or shapes in the environment, consciously and unconsciously. Sometimes, shooting fast, instinct takes over and it's only afterwards the penny drops and I realise how the composition worked. Other times, I know (or hope I know) what I'm going for from the start. In this picture, I thought it would be neat to have the small window of the house in the background mirroring the frame in the foreground. I hadn't actually noticed the triangle shape of the roof and how it might add to the shapes. Or the way his arms were held around his face, mirrored the frame. I think this is a favourite so far, from my summer pictures. I think the best pictures also happen when they are unscripted. In this case, my son just picked up the frame and started wheeling it about in his hands. In lifestyle photography and family sessions it's so important to observe everything that's going on. Never know where the moment will take you, or what unexpected things crop up. I am still working on my summer series and have a lot to edit over the next few days and weeks. Hopefully I'll blog my favourites soon! I'm also still working on client sessions. I have a brand new fun and easy to use gallery on Cloudspot. That way clients can see all the soft-edited pictures in one place. And I'm making exciting new changes to my website shortly! Contact me for portrait & lifestyle photography. Family photography. Engagement sessions. Maternity & new baby portrait or more relaxed family sessions. And all those special moments in between, Cara x

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