• Cara Hodge

Blackrock Park, Dublin. Pop of red!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Here are pictures taken of my daughter, Flee, (Florence) in the last months of 2020 at a beautiful park & garden in Blackrock, Dublin. The leaves on the trees were turning red & gold. Parks & gardens provide lovely backdrops for portraits, given the variety, color, & texture of leaves. With our dog Pebbles in tow, this was very much a celebration of the every day. Ordinary, perhaps. Yet still very special. Having Pebbles along for the ride will bring wonderful memories in years to come. Pebbles, adopted from our 11 years spent in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is almost 13 years now! Getting on in dog years...It's great to celebrate pets in family photoshoots. Having Pebbles in the frame added to a feeling of intimacy and helped to create more rapport. Florence wore a super simple outfit for this particular relaxed photoshoot. A black trench coat and dark trousers and boots. That way, her outfit did not detract too much from her gestures and expressions. A pop of red leather gloves mirrored the red of autumn leaves. Actually, I love it when a splash of bright color is repeated across a family portrait session. A pop of red especially. If all family members have something red, as small as a hair-tie or a tie tie - our eye is drawn to everyone in a balanced way. Here, with the spotlight only on my girl, her red gloves and a dash of red lipstick blended with the red leaves. 2021 has been interrupted now by new covid-19 restrictions, but the new hope is that sooner than later (...sooner, please, rather than later!..) I'll be able to return to wonderful outdoor lifestyle & family photoshoots in Dublin. Exploring all the scenic options, and wonderful natural light, this vibrant city has to offer. It's wonderful to celebrate family life, and capture the unique expressions and gestures of our loved ones. However, there is also something precious in celebrating one very special person. In this case my lovely girl. Just as she is here, Cara x

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