• Cara Hodge

Goodbye summer, 2020

The long hot summer in France has ended and I'm back in Dublin. It's an abrupt end to be sure, as through the window here the rain is falling hard and fast. The golden sun is already a faraway memory, yet less then two days ago I was lying on a stripy candy-pink blanket, enjoying it. Complaining about it occasionally during the heatwave (imagine?!). I feel like summer was held on another planet now...The memories are still visceral, close to the bone. I miss it all now. The good times, the family moments. The Ice-cream at Les Eyzies (I think the 3-boules favourite this year was violet and passion fruit and melon, weird combo, but it worked). And it was also at Les Eysies, down by the river, that I took half a dozen pictures of my son jumping from a rope swing into the cool water. With lifestyle, family & child photography, it's all about joining in the action, savouring the interactions. I'm on the look out for interesting compositions and genuine moments and expressions. Here is one picture from a bunch I've still to edit. Light on water can be a favourite to photograph. I look at this photograph and I am transported back to the moment. The bright splash, the laughter, the sound of slow-moving current downstream. However, now, walking the dog around Blackrock this morning, I noticed that the leaves are already turning brown, and falling from the trees. I suppose in the coming weeks, I have the new school year to look forward to (my son is super super keen to see his friends, and have some structure again after covid) and then there is also the beautiful winter light to embrace with photography, too. Winter light may not sound in the leat bit appealing now (...hang on, aren't we, technically, still in summer...), but still, this winter light is a gem for atmospheric portraits. The light arrives promptly with the shortened days. The upside is this: Golden hour occurs when there is still the energy and the will to take pictures. And the mellow light can last all morning. Winter light is atmospheric and mystical. Shades of grey and shades of gold. Winter light can truly be golden. Fiery, even. It can be mellow and gentle, but also sharp and bold. However, for now, summer is still on my mind (...let it linger a while longer...). I'm looking forward to editing my full holiday set soon...Contact me for Dublin photography moments: portrait, lifestyle, family & child photography. I'm doing some specials since covid too! Cara xx

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