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Boy & Bird. Child & Family Portraits

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Child portraits - boy with a bird mask

These are personal child pictures taken in summer of my own family & child.

We are still in the Dordogne, France, making the most of the sun and the nature.

Yesterday, there was a storm.

The sky was overcast first, with a deep purple hue, swollen with rain.

And the telltale sign. The electric light making the trees as golden as golden hour. Nature bristling, awaiting something necessary.

As the thunder rolled some distance away, I went out into the meadow to make the most of this special storm light by taking some family pictures.

At one point my son ran outside and climbed a tree wearing a bird mask.

I took a few portraits of him there in the crook of the branches.

He really enjoys the old dead tree in the middle of the meadow, though how long it can bear his weight I cannot be sure!

So here are my bird boy portraits. I've kept some in color but may go back and do more black & white portraits. My favorites are the two in black & white so far.

I LOVE black & white child & family photography!

As ever, I am a total sucker for timeless, atmospheric black and white portraits.

A portrait that's a keeper will have a storytelling aspect which enhances the mood of the moment.

When I get back to Dublin in a couple of weeks time, I'll be looking through them all my pictures to see the best ones to edit.

It's always a precious process going through the best moments with my own children.

The best family pictures will be kept in a handcrafted leather covered album this year. For my album I'll have to share my best 60 family pictures. It will take time to go through all my favorites - I have been taking photographs for over 10 years!


Here are some bird masked child portraits much straight from the camera.

To sunshine and rainstorms, & boys in bird masks!

Contact me, as ever, for family and child & family photo shoots Dublin.

Also, engagement, couples, maternity, new baby & newborn photography Dublin. Or any other special occasion, big or small, including natural communion photography.

I love expressive child portraits with a story telling aspect above all, and try and incorporate this into all my child & family sessions.

My child portraits have won awards, including first prize, in international child photo competitions. In the family & lifestyle categories.

Contact me to book your family photography session in Dublin

Cara x

child portrait of a boy in a tree with a bird mask

child portrait with boy in a branch with bird mask & blue sky with clouds

award winning family portrait of boy up in the branches of a tree like a bird

award winning family picture of a boy in a tree looking like a bird, wearing a bird mask

award winning child portrait, boy scowling in a tree branch

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