• Cara Hodge

Fire Walk With Me... Carysfort Park, Dublin

Autumn is beautiful in Dublin, all the leaves from the trees falling fast, decorating the ground in bursts of yellow and gold, and red. And in this casual photoshoot with my daughter in Carysfort Park, Blackrock, and further down the road at Michael Smurfit campus, off Avoca Avenue, the emphasis was on the color red. Red. Bright & bold. Red gloves and red leaves. Two pops of red in the frame, the gloves mimicking twin leaves. We explored hand gestures with the gloves, to make the mood a bit more dramatic. It was wonderful to take our dog Pebbles, although she doesn't feature in these two pictures here. More of our doggie in-the-frame soon. I think she quite enjoyed the Dublin park photoshoot, and we even got a little smile (yes, dogs do smile). Pebbles is pretty old now, at least 13, so it's wonderful having pictures of her with my daughter. Although I have been a lover of black & white portraits for a long time now, I have recently been experimenting a lot of with color. For instance, I have just recently discovered the white-balance tool in Camera Raw, and this has been a great find. Using this little magic brush tool on an area of neutral color (the whites of the eye, for example), the tool automatically adjusts all the tones in the image. I am going to have fun seeing how natural I can make the colors. White balance is something I have corrected fairly instinctively up until now and so it will be interesting to be more forensic about the process. Lately, and perhaps because of all of the unease in the world (because of covid-19, ugh), I've wanted to re-discover vibrant, life affirming color. At least in some lifestyle pictures. See to what extent color can take me in a new direction. Here are two pictures for from the Carysfort Park session for now. More to come soon. In the meantime, and until this recent level 5 covid-19 restrictions ease up in Dublin (did I say ugh, UGH), I hope to be getting on with my more personal work. I can't wait to share with you more soon. For my covid safe photoshoots in the great outdoors, please contact me, Cara x

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