• Cara Hodge

Girl in Black & White

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This week my computer died. This was always going to happen since the diagnosis back in November. The graphic card was failing and there were faint horizontal lines across my monitor. It was a matter of time, and today was the day the screen glitched and went black. A sad day. In the middle of a pandemic with no shops open to view shiny new Macs! I wasn’t expecting quite so sudden an end. I was counting my computer would at least serve me till the end of the pandemic (...I’m hoping, of course, that the end will be in sight soon, but there’s a way yet to go here in Ireland...) Thankfully, there is a Wix mobile ap and I can blog from my phone till I get my replacement. Also, upload some pictures I still have in my image library to blog with. Prevent my website from disappearing into the grey ether of Google analytics. Until things ease up a bit on the homeschooling front, and I have the new computer to edit pictures on, here’s a picture of my gorgeous girl in France two summers ago. The first picture that popped up in my image gallery! I love black and white portrait photography. I also love evocative black & whites. All about the texture and emotion. Black & white distills everything to its purest form. Composition, light and emotion. Everything in the image is composed of black and white. Shadow & light. Life, but diluted to the purest essence. A picture is less seen than felt. Right now, there are lots of deep emotions to everyday life too. Lots to absorb in this current situation. Highs & lows. Hope and disappointment. Faith and disheartenment. Above all, I’m counting on hope & connection to get us through these days. Making the best of small moments of togetherness within our family. Like a black & white portrait of my girl, life distilled to its most important essence Cara x

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