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Updated: May 7, 2021

Still waiting for my new MacBook Pro to arrive with the courier. Yippee! So for now, a few pictures off my phone. Of Florence over the past couple of years. She has been able to stay here with us in lockdown in Dublin, and very luckily, was also able to ward off weeks of covid lockdown in Gran Canaria with a friend. She said the sights, sounds and smells of Gran Canaria reminded her of growing up in Abu Dhabi. The scent of food amplified in the heat off the sidewalks. The rolling ocean and dunes too...home will always be in large part the memories of the U.A.E. Here now are just a few portraits from my phone library of my lovely girl since we’ve left Abu Dhabi...As ever, I’m a sucker for black & white portraits. Elements distilled to their purest form.

Often we do spur of the moment mini photoshoots. Just a few pictures taken haphazardly, here and there, when the mood is right. Often at home. She used to be self conscious in front of the camera, but now, less so. She trusts me a little more with the camera (at first it was a gamble). Very often we don’t wait till golden hour. Any time of the day will do. As a general rule, I prefer the pictures of her that are more subtle, less posed. Expressions caught between other expressions. I love the in between moments. Moments when the spirit slips through conscious awareness. A glimmer of light where the unseen is seen. The true nature. Much of the time, she knows she is being photographed, of course. Unlike the openness of a child, with age comes self consciousness. It happens to all of us, and especially in this selfie age. This is natural. What else do I have to say about my love? My first born child... She is funny, goofy, smart and kind. She’s also very tough physically. She can bike for miles, uphill. She runs. Recently, here in Dublin, all along the sea front, from Seapoint to Dunlaoghaire, along the Dog Pier. She’s that kind of girl, has some commando vibes. Yep. She loves exercise, and excersise highs. She’s clean living. She loves a close circle of friends she can confide in. She likes to cook and bake. She has a funky dress sense and loves a dress up party. To relax, she likes to paint. She loves travel as it’s been so much of her life so far. Music. Comedy. Reading. Her first love books were Darren Shan ‘Cirque de Freak’. Her favorite writer now is Arunduti Roy & The God of Small Things. She also loves the Arabic culture. Food, friends, fun. Good times hanging out with friends in their homes. Growing up in Abu Dhabi U.A.E will do that to you. To her. Oh yeah, sun, sea, sand. Boats on water you can dive off of (well i mean...). Bridges you can dive off of. Swimming pools. Podcasts. Rap... These portraits don’t go far in telling her story, just a tiny glimpse.... That’s it for now. Big love, Cara x

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