• Cara Hodge

Glastonbury Faves

I am putting together my little Glastonbury photo album to commemorate my week stay in England with my nieces & nephews. Here are some of my favourites. The portraits are casual, unscripted moments. Just taken in the back garden at around sundown. Nothing fussy. Just the children in their ordinary, every day clothes. Ordinary everyday moments that turn out to be just as precious as grand occasions. Pictures taken whenever and wherever they were in the mood. Cloudy weather, between rainfall, can create some lovely colours. Here in the garden, bringing out the pink blooms of the hydrangea. Plus the colours of falling autumn leaves. This time of the year, the colours are gentle but vibrant. I've got a mix of colour & black & white child portraits here. The black & white pictures are mostly of my niece on her favourite swing. The swing portraits were an opportunity to practice my panning with some interesting & mixed results. I also asked her to slow down a bit so I had the opportunity to capture the movement within the frame. I love her expression in these, serene & lost in the moment. I've also included a picture of all 5 children in the frame here, with Glastonbury Tor in the distance. Asking the children to kneel in the grass is a good way to compensate for all their different heights - from the tallest, to the smallest two year old. All of them captured in one picture! (Phew, that may be a first!). I think you can see the bond between them all, right? It's not always easy to have them all smiling in a single shot. Here in Dublin, the gardens are perfect for some winter & Christmas photoshoots, too. Winter holly, pops of red berries - perfect for Christmas family portraits. Christmas cards are also easily made online by uploading the digital files. In the meantime, here are some of my Glastonbury favourites, Cara

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