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Glastonbury continued...x

Updated: May 7, 2021

Level 5 restrictions should be (hopefully) easing up here soon. Here in Dublin. Fingers & toes crossed, we will be let out to play for a bit. In time for Christmas. Which got me sharing that I am in the middle of making an album for my sister as a Christmas present. When I visited Glastonbury a few weeks back, I took a fair few pictures that week. My desktop is covered with edits from our little relaxed & fun lifestyle photoshoots around Glastonbury, in the garden, at the Tor and surrounding fields, and in the Somerset wetlands. I managed to take a few pictures with all 5 children in the frame, too, as well as some individual child portraits. Here are just a few I've just edited in the last batch that were on my desktop. For the album, I want to include lots of SMILES & LAUGHTER, as well as the more serene type of portraits. After all, all parents love to see their children looking happy, don't they?! And I think the children will enjoy seeing them and all the fun we had together that week. I've seen this album on a website and I'm dying to see how it comes back, fully finished, with all the pictures. In fact, I think I am going to include this bespoke album as part of my Family & Lifestyle photography shoot package soon. I've mostly been doing digital packages but I feel ready to expand into some beautiful printed products. This album looks to come in a number of sizes & pages, made of beautiful paper. The perfect gift. When I get the album back, I'll take some pictures of the final product to share here on my website. I have a few more Christmas photoshoots coming up, too, over the next couple of weeks, which I am looking forward to doing. All "covid-safe" ( also the buzzword of the season), with appropriate masks and social distancing if necessary. Anyways, everything is busy busy despite the constraints of lockdown. Have a beautiful week everyone, love & light & smiles, Cara xo

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