• Cara Hodge

Hello 2021!

First post of 2021. Wow, what a year we have had. Goodbye 2020! The year of the unexpected. The year of the Great Virus which took everyone by surprise. Took some even more by surprise than I thought imaginable. In fact past my wildest dreams (...Bill Gates wants to take over the world by micro-chipping everybody, didn't you know). There were a few good things that came of this crazy year, though. It was, in many ways, a creative year. So many of us, in our bubbles, trying to figure stuff out. Everyday stuff like what do I make for dinner again...and, well, magical stuff. We have all had ample time to see in what way we have gotten things right, and in what ways we still have a way to go. During the first days of lockdown, I realized I wanted to do more family & lifestyle photography in Dublin. I also realized I needed a new look website. My website had been on the dark side before. Wall to wall monochrome. Both photographically & graphically. Now don't get me wrong, I love black & white, adore it, but...The pandemic was dark enough, guys, and barely a pop of color on my page. Certainly not enough for those wanting to capture fun-filled family moments to treasure. I then got to work & created some beautiful colorful client galleries. Also now there is a bright green accent to the typography and pages of my website, too. 2020 was the year of taking the plunge into family & child photography, and I am so glad that I did. I can't wait to set up a highlights page for all the most memorable moments so far. Feature some of my latest Newborn & Baby photography especially. Also because of these cold winter months, and latest covid restrictions here in Dublin, I will also be offering photoshoots in the comfort of your own home as soon as possible... In the meantime, though, here's a reminder of the little photoshoot I did back in November with my lovely nephew in England. I adore the splash of red in these pictures as they remind me of what a happy spark of life & love he is! I hope 2021 brings so much more hope, peace, and creativity. I hope that our collective lives can take on wings. Maybe we have a tough few months ahead of us, in January and February. Things maybe quieter on the photography front, too. However, being an optimist, I do think we will come out the other side stronger, and brighter, Cara x

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