• Cara Hodge

Hello Girl! Summer 2020

Apparently 11 times a month is the optimal number of times to blog for peak SEO, so despite my best efforts, this is my 6th blog. So far... But it feels like a lot, a lot, of blogging! Still. Here is a sneak peak of some pictures I did of my daughter in Dordogne, France, where we spent all of July and some of August. I absolutely love taking pictures of my daughter. We had time to explore the different aspects of the garden, checking out the best areas for light and shade. During golden hour the sun sets on the giant oak turning leaves to gold, as if autumn is already there. I've put this picture in black & white so far, but I anticipate that, in the final selection there will be more colour to capture the colours of the garden which were so atmospheric. Colour portraits can really bring drama to the environment and light. At first, we did some quick natural pictures (...more to follow...) and then we did some pictures with an old painting we found in the house and an old straw hat that we've had here since forever... As we warmed up, she started having fun. The best pictures of my daughter are the ones that are the most natural. The least posed. The portraits that reflect most her personality, her spirit. Taking pictures of young people is an absolutely favourite thing of mine, and I'd love to do more. Graduation and Debs photography here in Dublin, is a perfect place to start doing more teenager & lifestyle photography. During these uncertain covid-19 times, celebrating moments, and achievements, big and small, has never been more precious and worthwhile. It's a challenge and honour to capture someone dressed for a special occasion. Celebrating life experience & achievement. Even the struggles and challenges that have perhaps preceded this proud moment. In senior photography, I hope to catch something of the young person's character, and what makes them unique. It's interesting to do a session in a place that has a value. In the case of a senior or graduation photo session, perhaps a school or university campus can provide the perfect backdrop. For debs anywhere goes, all the glamour and all the sparkle! My daughter has also "graduated" from Trinity, Dublin, this year (...well sort of...). Her time in Dublin as a student comes to an end (an abrupt one earlier this year as covid measures took hold).. Her course continues at some stage overseas in America. For now, like so many students globally, she will be taking credits online, perhaps even from France for a while longer. This is a time of flux and change, uncertainty for many young people. It is wonderful, then, to have some pictures of where she is right now. Moments that will be preserved forever. Contact me for portrait, lifestyle, and family photography. And defining moments such as senior photography, debs & graduation photo sessions. I am doing full length one hour sessions as well as minis. Go to Contact Me here for more info on my special post covid packages! Cara x

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