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Portrait holding a chicken, because, well, why not?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Just a quick blog post to keep my SEO sprightly as the lockdown drags here in Dublin and we wait for the restrictions to ease. I can’t wait to catch up again with my lovely clients, and do some more family photoshoots, and lovely newborn photography! Things were really taking off in Autumn, and right before Christmas, and now I am blogging away to keep up the online presence. So, here is my photo of the week...A cherished memory that I love. My gorgeous dark haired niece holding one of her chickens in her garden in England. As soon as I saw my sister‘s chickens I was mad about them, and of course, the possibility of a child with chicken portrait! For a start, chickens just look really cool with their vibrant red-orange feathers and beaks. Chickens have a pantomime look about them. A certain flair. Apparently, also, they have all kinds of personalities to match. Extroverted easygoing chickens and introverted neurotic ones that peck madly about the place. Either way, chickens are entertaining and make for an entertaining child portrait. Life in color. Vibrant and hopeful. I love the balance of colors that occurred by chance in this picture. I have said this before in an Autumn photoshoot blog post, but I love a pop of red in my child and family photoshoots too. Red, evenly distributed across a family portrait in terms of what the family are wearing. Or in the environment, natural or artificial, can really draw the eye. The eye tends to be drawn to all four corners of the frame, so with a bright color of any kind, it’s great when reproduced evenly creating harmony and balance. I love the pop of red from the dress in the background that matches the chicken. A happy coincidence. One thing I might do soon is revisit this little photoshoot, taken a while back, and re-do the edit. I tend to favor very natural color tones to my pictures these days. Color photography is still a favorite of mine for outdoor photoshoots though, when colors are so vivid and varied through the seasons. I’m so excited to see the beautiful clear blue skies, and first proper sunshine of the year here in Dublin, too. This time of lockdown is tough, but a great period to establish what’s really important. Family and friends have never been so close to my heart. I can’t wait to see my niece again, as soon as I can visit outside of 5km! As well as travel outside or Ireland to see more family & friends. Have a great weekend. Stay self and well this week, Cara

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