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In the Frame! Summer 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I am still in Perigord Noir with 10 days or so before I return to Blackrock, Dublin. The days are still hot and sunny - truly the long dog-days of summer. At least for a few weeks more. The house here belonged to my dad, and before him, my grandparents, so it's been a summer getaway since I was a wee child running about in, from what old photographs have captured, not much and yellow wellies. Over the years we have renovated the old barn and have still to renovate the essential farm house that stands in the old meadow that is often dotted with hay bales. Anyways. We have done a lot of renovation and work in general to the house, including reupholstering, sorting through the bits and bobs that have gathered over the years, a bit of dust. A whole lot of memories...We still come across the odd item. In this case, an old picture frame begging for new bright picture. Well then. The other day I did a photography session (aka snapped a few pictures in under 10 mins) of my son and an stray frame. He had fun framing himself and I had fun trying to see how both he, and simultaneously, the landscape could be framed. A frame within a frame, very meta indeed...Props, indeed, can be a great starting point to a storytelling aspect of a picture. Don't get me wrong, I love love documentary & street photography, real and authentic and spontaneous. However, it can be a rare thing to get the composition, light, and storytelling aspect all at once, eek!! When It happens, it's awesome, but it can be a hard ask. Props then, can add a little helping hand, a gentle push in the right direction. You don't really want a giant shove. Nothing too obvious and stilted and hey! Here I am with this prop. From there, though, something authentic can come in and of itself, as long as the engagement with the prop feels genuine. Anyways we had a bit of fun at least, a bit of a craik as they say in Dublin, Ireland. I will have to go through the best ones in Dublin, when I get back to Blackrock and have a bit of extra time. Mood. Storytelling. Gesture and expression. Emotion. Raw emotion. These are all aspects to be considered in a portrait. I love black & white photography for its ability to create, or rather, draw out, raw emotion in a picture. I'll be back in Blackrock Dublin in a couple of weeks so please contact me for more info on photography sessions. My Dublin photography sessions include long sessions, and minis. For portrait, engagement, maternity, new baby, and child & family photography. I'm also keen for Debs photography too! For all your Dublin photographer questions please go to the Contact me section here of my website. Cara x

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