• Cara Hodge

Looking back, and looking forwards to 2021

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It's very exciting to be looking forward to a New Year. After the trials and tribulations of 2020, there can only be fresh hopeful expectations for 2021. This is just a last minute post this week. Squeezed between last minute grocery shopping for Christmas. (Ginger beer and Ginger ale for a whiskey cocktail we're trying out). Anyways. Here are a few of my favourite portraits since summer. Since we have been in lockdown virtually since March, along with the rest of the world's population, much here is indoor photography. In part documenting the confining nature of the pandemic. In part also doing what I always love to do. Portraiture with the odd quirky twist. Luckily my home in Blackrock, Dublin, has great natural light. Wonderful window light during golden hour. We also had a much-appreciated escape to France this summer. There is a portrait here of my son haphazardly lounging in the fig tree. Hard to imagine the beautiful sunshine of summer now in the depths of winter. However a nice reminder that there is plenty more to look forward to in 2021! Meanwhile, I am getting inspired by new projects. Brimming full of new ideas to begin experimenting with. Making time between my lovely family photoshoots. By the way, I am also very much looking forward to taking more family & child photoshoots in Dublin. In the New Year. It's been such an exciting progression and things have been busy in recent weeks. I've done several photography sessions in outdoor locations around Blackrock, which I'll feature in the blog soon too. Now autumn colour in my favourite locations have long since given way to bare branches. Colder, chillier, conditions have meant that my client photography, including baby & newborn photography, will likely be in the cozy comfort of people's own homes in the New Year! Also, because from midnight tonight, another level 5 lockdown here in Dublin, Ireland, will be enforced for 2 months (darn it)! However, that means there will be ample more time for making the most of beautiful indoor photography. I'll be back in the New Year - bring on 2021 - with more weekly pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year folks. And above all, make the most of it with friends and family. Stay safe, snug, and warm. Love & light always, Cara x

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