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Maternity Photo shoot Dublin. In a Blackrock park with two Daschund dogs.

A maternity photo shoot Dublin in August. 38 weeks & counting the days!

A last minute request to document the last fleeting days of pregnancy.

The maternity bag is packed for the hospital. These really are the last days of count down for this excited couple!

This couple had two equally adorable Daschund dogs. One caramel, one chocolate. Bright eyes, inquisitive, lots of fun. We went to a location in Blackrock. It is a garden I also use for my mini seasonal family sessions. This location has beautiful autumn color and spring blossom. Perfect for natural family photography Dublin.

End of the summer season, when this maternity session was taken, the park is bursting with greenery! The tree canopy provides shelter from intense light as the sun sets so late this time of year.

The bright pink dress this lady wore gave a lovely celebratory pop of feminine color. A really great way to show off the baby bump for these pregnancy portraits Dublin.

It sometimes helps to treat a maternity photo shoot like a romantic couples & engagement photography session.

pregnant woman with braided in pink dress looking down at her baby bump under a leafy tree with dark red leaves. natural maternity photo shoot dublin. by cara

husband with arms wrapped around his pregnant wife with hands on baby bump as she looks up at him smiling

As with all my family & lifestyle sessions, I like to go for natural portraits with this couple interacting authentically with each other and their dogs.

I wanted to take some portraits at a distance with the large ornamental trees catching the golden hour rays. Turning green leaves to gold. Photographing maternity portraits between the branches over overhanging trees created an interesting framing opportunity.

I really liked how the black & whites turned out in this maternity with Daschunds session. Black & white portraits have a timeless, classic feel. They work particularly well in high contrast, light & shade.

This happens best in golden hour when the light is less intense. I always include classic, cinematic black & white in my family galleries.

pregnant couple kissing as they hold to minature daschund dogs in their arms

laughing pregnant couple looking at each other and laughing as they hold two daschund dogs in a park

pregnant woman holding her husband by the arm under a big canopy of trees catching golden hour light. outdoor maternity photo shoot dublin by cara

couple with pregnant woman laughing and leaning into each other as they hold their dogs. natural maternity portraits by cara

I have family photography packages that include edited digital pictures as well as beautifully handcrafted print products, such as albums & mounted print boxes. I also have a bespoke print box including a bamboo box and stand. After any photo shoot package, it is easy to order a la carte. That way this couple can treasure their maternity pictures forever.

Bumps & Babes Special Offer.

Contact me for more details on this new family photography package: Bumps & Babes, and avail of the special offers for pregnancy & newborn combo packages.

At home newborn photography is traditionally done when baby is just born, within the first couple of weeks after birth. When baby is still all curled up. The newborn baby portraits are as authentic as possible, using available natural light within your home. Often this may be window light. The master bedroom is a preferred place for newborn at home pictures providing a soft, comfortable setting for baby to lie on. There is no need for a big clear up. Just open the curtains & blinds and let in the light! This is fuss free, no frills at home newborn photography! Where classic portraits merge with documentary, unscripted family photography where I record life as it is with a newborn.

new mum holding newborn baby girl on the sofa as she wraps her in a white cotton blanket. at home newborn photography dublin by cara

newborn girl in onesie on master bed with hands fanned against her face.

Also if you're just not ready for a newborn at home sessions when you're still stuck in your PJ's and feeling that you can't even think about being photographed, no worries! There is no expiry on the Bumps & Babes package. You can opt to have the second half of this photo shoot package done when baby is a little older. You can also wait to have an outdoor family photo shoot with baby in warmer weather.

mum walking baby girl across a daisy lawn. baby and newborn bumps and babes package can also be done when newborn is now a baby.

For more couples, engagement maternity & newborn photography sessions in Dublin, contact me.

Cara Hodge Photography. Award winning, internationally published family photographer Dublin. Including maternity photo shoot Dublin. Also, bumps & babes new packages.

Have a great week, Cara x

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