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October child portraits, 2019. Cara Hodge Photography.

Updated: Jul 11

October, here in Blackrock Dublin, has been a busy month!

Finally, as we slip into November, I'm going to start my very first blog post.

Sharing some black & white child portraits.

It's nostalgic, especially in the cold rainy weather we're having here in Dublin, to look back on old times.

Times that were sunny and bright.

Revisiting pictures of long summer days can add a sense of longing and passion to a new edit.

We have spent so many of our family years in Abu Dhabi & France.

Sunny places.

That's where my children grew up & where I first started family & lifestyle photography. As well as documentary family photography.

Taking pictures of my own children growing up.

Pictures I can look back and cherish over the years & as my children grow.

Here in Dublin, the winter light is gorgeous, by the way.

Bright, golden, and sharp. Less sun for sure, but lots of atmospheric light to make beautiful family pictures with!

I love moody, classic black & white, child & family portraits. As well as vibrant life affirming color. I love to have some timeless black & white conversions in my family galleries, and they are always a favorite.

I love to print my personal pictures on gorgeous mat at the professional gallery I use here in Dublin! There is something about the mat printing that makes a special picture look so luxurious.

Contact me for your family, child, baby or natural newborn session here in Dublin

Have a wonderful week, Cara x

black & white Halloween portrait of boy with flowers and skulls

classic black & white child portrait of boy in wheelbarrow

black & white child portrait of boy with vases

black & white portrait of boy in his mother's big coat

black & white child portraitof boy deep in thought

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