• Cara Hodge

October Pictures, 2019

October here in Blackrock Co.Dublin has been a busy month and, finally, as we slip into November, I'm going to start my very first blog post here, sharing some black & white Portrait & Fine Art pictures. I am quite sporadic about my editing and will often jump back and forth between recent pictures, or pictures still unedited from summer, depending on where the mood takes me. Sometimes I'll revisit a picture and see it from a fresh light, months after I've taken it. It's nostalgic, especially in the cold rainy weather we're having here in Ireland, to look back on times times that were sunny and bright. Revisiting pictures of long summer days can add a sense of longing and passion to a new edit. Other times, it's good to embrace what's in front of me now, and here in Ireland the winter light is often gorgeous. Bright, golden, and sharp. And other times soft, deep and mellow. Irish light, I'm learning, has so much beauty to offer. I love moody, gritty, textured black & whites, but recently, I've noticed a shift towards white milky tones in my black & white photography. Some of these pictures are the start of a series I've yet to expand on. In all cases, I lean towards portraits in a textured setting, often in beautiful light, but often also in low light where the person really stand out.

black & white Halloween portrait of boy with flowers and skulls

classic black & white photograph of boy in wheelbarrow

black & white fine art portrait of boy with vases

black & white portrait of boy in a coat

black & white photograph of boy deep in thought

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