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One Week In The Garden, Glastonbury

I love visiting England in the summer, and this year there was a heatwave, even better. The English countryside around Glastonbury, the rolling meadows & hills looks so inviting in the sunlight - and so green!

After a brief twirl around London (...sunny London was so much fun too...), we went over to Glastonbury to visit my sister & her kiddos. I have 5 nieces & nephews that I love to bits

We went to Avalon marshes, the beach in Lyme Regis, The Challis gardens in Glastonbury & the lido in Street a few times, as well as explored the river around Shepton Mallert for swim spots. Mostly, though, we stayed in the house & garden, where the children played in the garden - grass fights, water fights, playing with their toys, late into the summer evening. On our trips I didn't have much time for taking pictures or lugging my heavy camera around, but in the garden there was ample time for pictures.

The house is being renovated, as is the garden, so there is the general disarray of a house mid-transformation. On the other hand, so much has been accomplished already. It's a whole new house & garden with so much potential. I love seeing it take shape every time I go to visit!

In the garden that week I focused my attention (...and camera lens...), on my oldest & youngest niece. Here is a selection of my older niece in particular ( I am still sorting through the ones that show their special sisterly bond). Here are a few random portraits from a selection I am still working on. I hope to complete a "story" with my ten favorite pictures of my week in the garden with these two girls. I am nowhere near finished yet. (I started my selection and then my flow was interrupted by catching covid for about the 5th time, and also once recovered, by a lovely maternity & newborn photoshoot I am still working on this week!). Still, I wanted to make time for my gorgeous girls in the garden & here is the start...

I tried to capture them here documentary-style in the garden. Focusing on their expressions, hand gestures & movements. I also wanted to show the wild untamed garden as a source of their games & inspiration (more to follow of the garden with planting).

I've been playing with black & white and color. With the color here I've been experimenting with a (slightly) new editing style for color whereby the saturation is lowered and the vibrance slightly heightened and some added warmth. It is subtle but I am noticing a difference on how I am editing my family photoshoots for color too. Doing totally personal work like this is so liberating & a great way to experiment with my color editing which I have wanted to do for a long time.

Here is (the very start) of a week in the garden with these two gorgeous girls! More to follow soon. Have a womderful week, enjoying the last bit of the summer sunshine, Cara x

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