• Cara Hodge

Pearl Girl

Updated: May 7, 2021

Still in lockdown here in Blackrock, Dublin. Apparently until around mid-March, but who knows... What I do know is that the lengthly spell inside means indoor portraits are the easiest & best to do. There is some excellent window light in my bedroom and in the depths of winter, the light can be very dramatic. Sometimes truly golden. Other times, golden hour skips hastily into low light. A beautiful and atmospheric half-dark, the remains of the day slipping into obscurity. Anyways, there is a wonderful Art and Hobby shop in Blackrock which have some wonderful and unusual crafting supplies. I’m talking feathers, buttons, fake pearls, beads. The stuff of magpie dreams. Sparkly glittery things. Trinkets, really. When I’m in need of inspiration for lockdown pandemic portraits, I have a look through my stash. Rummage through my tiny box drawer... Often portraits with no props whatsoever work equally well, but sometimes, sometimes, well, I love a starting point. The glimmer of a fresh idea. Sometimes, folks, I just crave the dramatic. The unusual. The quirky and unexpected. Here I photographed my girl with just some stick on pearls. I often feel, even with these quirky black & white portraits below, that they might have been pushed a tad further. Possibly more of a close up was in order, here and there, with her eye and pearl closely caught. The catchlight of her eyes catching the gleam of the pearl. However the light in these are very atmospheric. I do love gorgeous window light, Cara x

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