• Cara Hodge

Playing catch up with a family photoshoot, Dublin

Updated: May 1, 2021

Wow! Time does fly...Here is a shoot from before Christmas (...yes, I said Christmas, you heard right...) BUT with all these lockdowns, things have gone awry. Still, I loved doing this Christmas photoshoot for this gorgeous family. The main request was to have a picture that would make a beautiful Christmas card, including, of course, the new adorable baby girl. She really was gorgeous with her big, round, blue eyes as you can see. The boys were a breath of fresh air too. This family was wonderful in front of the camera. I loved their outfits of complimentary blue & green which worked so well in this natural wintry setting. Also the santa hats which added to the festive spirit of the occasion. Family photoshoots are naturally chaotic (...just children being children...) so there was opportunity for unscripted, spontaneous moments too. At first we did some traditional family photographs just to get everyone warmed up. Generally everyone squeezed up in the frame, standing or sitting, works really well. I love hand positions and gestures so everyone close together can definitely lead to some beautiful pictures. I like to shoot quickly and move around, further away and closer up, to get a variation of pictures. Keep everything as natural and easygoing as possible. Sitting on a blanket on the ground can be relaxing and calming too. More traditional portraits can then blend seamlessly into documentary family photography. Here, the boys wanted to play fight with dad for a bit. At one time, one of these sweet boys wanted to attach his Santa hat to a tree branch. I like to look out for these natural moments all the time. Those are the best. Have a lovely week, Cara x

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