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Blackrock Family Photo shoot, Dublin

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Wow! Time does fly...

Here is a family photo shoot Dublin from before Christmas (...yes, I said Christmas, you heard right...)

BUT with all these lock downs, things have gone awry.

Still, I loved doing this Christmas family session for this gorgeous family. In a Blackrock, Dublin park.

The main request was to have a picture that would make a beautiful Christmas card. Including, of course, the adorable baby girl. A new little sister in the family!

This baby girl really was gorgeous with her big, round blue eyes as you can see.

It was lovely to take her baby portraits & I was lucky she stared right into the camera!

Some babies get fed up of being photographed rather quickly, but she was fascinated by the click of the shutter

The boys were a breath of fresh air. Really happy to take part in the session & stopping here and there to hang off the branches of a tree.

After all, the best family pictures are all about having fun together. Forgetting about being photographed. Being in the moment. Unscripted moments of connection

Family photo shoots are always naturally chaotic (...just children being children...). And when there is a baby, I have to be able to adapt quickly to whatever is happening in the moment.

At one point, one of these sweet boys wanted to attach his Santa hat to a tree branch!

More traditional portraits can then blend seamlessly into documentary family photography.

At first, though, we did some traditional family photographs just to get everyone warmed up.

Generally everyone squeezed up in the frame works really well.

I love hand positions and gestures. I like to shoot quickly and move around, further away and closer up, to get a variation of pictures.

Keep everything as easygoing as possible.

Sitting on a blanket on the ground can be relaxing too. Luckily the weather was mild enough for this winter baby session

I loved this family's outfits of complimentary blue & green which worked so well in this natural wintry setting. Usually all tones of blue, green, brown, black, beige & white work well with the colors of nature. Where someone wants to wear a bright pop of color it does work well when other family members have the same pop of color

Also the Santa hats which added to the festive spirit of the occasion! (As well as adding that bright festive pop of color!)

Contact me for family photography Dublin session & to arrange your winter family, or winter newborn photo shoot. I also do natural newborn at home sessions Dublin for when it's very wintry weather. Brrrr! When it's really cold we can use the winter light snug indoors for family portraits

I am an award winning, professional family photographer. Please contact me to find out more about winter family photography Dublin.

Have a lovely week, and wrap up warm! Cara x

family portrait with children and baby girl in Santa hat for Christmas card

family portrait with dad, two boys and baby girl. Blackrock, Dublin

mum kissing baby girl's forehead

family portrait, dad and two boys play wrestling

boy kneeling in a wintry park

winter family portrait with mum, dad and baby girl holding a leaf

boy holding up his Santa hat, family portrait session in blackrock, dublin

family portrait with children climbing on dad's back

family portrait with children in blackrock park

portrait of mum with yellow leaves

leaf throwing family portrait

family portrait with background of trees with yellow leaves

portrait of two boys, blackrock park and garden

family portrait with dad and his children kneeling in blackrock park, dublin

family portrait with mum and dad


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