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Child portraits of my nearest and dearest

Updated: Jul 11

Well another week, another blog...

Here in Blackrock, Dublin, the weather has been pretty dreary and overcast, to say the least.

Luckily I like photographing my families in low light. And here in Dublin, Ireland, the light can be stunning. Even in winter.

However, these family pictures featuring my gorgeous nephew were taken in Glastonbury, England.

My nieces & nephews are just so beautiful with their dark hair and green eyes. My sister loves looking at the pictures of her children when I do the mini family photo shoots for her.

The light in the kitchen was low and flat, but I made use of the natural light coming from the kitchen window.

I was looking out for expression and gesture in these child portraits, and I was pleased to be able to get the catch light in my nephew's eyes.

He has a intense gaze, where you are left to wonder...what is he thinking?

I now want to redo portraits of the children around the kitchen table. By pulling the table back a bit, in direct line with the window light, I can take pictures with greater depth.

I may introduce some simple props. A white table cloth and some laid out food. Grapes, pears, perhaps bread rolls - something reminiscent of paintings with still life.

Interesting shapes and textures from food can really enhance black & white family portraits, adding a storytelling aspect. I will have will have to study some paintings. Get inspired.

Many of my child & family portraits come from a seed of inspiration. A dream, or a piece of art, music, sometimes something indefinable creeping in from my subconscious.

Even when a family picture starts off a bit staged, I love to find moments of natural expression and gesture within the scene. You can't beat that moment of connection. It makes a child or family portrait come to life!

Looking forward to getting back to Dublin & photographing some lovely families now. Indoor or outdoor, in a place you love!

If it is an indoor family session, perhaps with a newborn, I would love to check out your house for great light.

It is surprising sometimes where great natural light can be found. As well as awesome window light, I am a pro at finding great natural light reflected off off mirrors, or in the most unusual of places. For example making the most of window light when it reflects off a wall

Please contact me for your family photo shoot here in Dublin, including baby & newborn family pictures. Making family photography forever light filled & fun!

Have a great week and wrap up warm!

Cara x

black & white child portrait. Boy at kitchen table with cereal bowl

child portrait, boy looking as though he is thiking, finger pressed to temple

boy thinking with cheeky smile, black & white child portrait

boy lost in thought, family portrait with a boy at kitchen table

black & white child portrait, boy with half eaten creal at kitchen table

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