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Pretty in pink. Garden Photoshoots

Updated: May 7, 2021

Abu Dhabi was pretty in pink all year round. The garden of our home in Khalidiya had bougainvillea blossom bursting with light and dark pink and red blooms. It was a sight to behold. Although the plant could withstand considerable drought (... being common to a Mediterranean climate) with plenty of waterering, it was splendid. Also splendid for my first family pictures. My photography journey started in Abu Dhabi, around 2011, when my son was about 18 months. The beautiful light in Abu Dhabi, resplendent with haze and sunbursts at golden hour, was a feast for light chasers. Here, the light through the blooms, made the colours even more naturally intense. I still love to take pictures with a backdrop of flowers today. A garden photoshoot can be perfect throughout the seasons. In Dublin, there are some gorgeous gardens for family photoshoots, including newborn photography, and I’ve done several photoshoots around the local gardens in Blackrock. I can’t wait for spring to bring forth all the beautiful cherry blossoms that mimic the pink of this bourgainvillea. I remember last year how gorgeous spring was in Dublin and noticing how many blossom trees there are, not only in the parks, but on street corners. I have many more pictures to share of my garden adventures in Abu Dhabi, so as I go through my archives, I’ll save a few more of my faves to share here on the blog. Nothing says joy and hope more than a garden. Stay safe & well, and hopeful for a brand new spring and beginning, Cara x

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