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River stories, Dordogne, France

Three and a half weeks here in the Dordogne, France. Time to check in with a quick blog post. Feels like ages! But its been a really good break. Everything was open over there. Cafes, restaurants, markets. Freedom at long last!

I can't wait to process my favorite pictures from summer, but for now, some very quick ones to show you what we've been up to

My son and a rope swing. This is summer at its best!

River swimming happens at all times of the day in various locations. A fave place has a rope swing in a sheltered woody spot.

He loved to climb the nearby trees and hurl himself into the fast flowing water. Higher and faster with each swing. Since his twice weekly swim lessons back in Dublin, he can cope well in the water.

After a year of restrictions, this is what summer is all about. Feeling free at last. Childhood unplugged..!

Lifestyle & family photography is all about making the most of the moment as it happens. Catching the movement and the atmosphere. Although these won't end up in my summer "best of...", they do make me smile. They make me remember the fun we had.

I can't wait to get back to Dublin tomorrow and meet some more lovely families for my family and lifestyle photoshoots, Dublin. There are autumn family photoshoots to look forward to around Dublin as the leaves change colour.

But for now, making the most of family moments while its still summer here and the sun is shining. Time for an ice-cream, je pense...

Cara x

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