• Cara Hodge

River stories, Summer 2020

In the Dordogne over this long hot summer, there are two rivers to cool down in - The Dordogne and The Vézère, the latter being a tributary of the former. The rivers run through the Dordogne valley, famous for steep cliiffs and forests as well as extensive farmlands. This area, after all, has been dubbed the food basket of France. Also famous for The Ratatouille movie - remember the tag-line? Everyone can cook. Anyway. For children, as well as tasty treats, the rivers are so much fun to swim in, and escape from the intense heat of July & August. Just outside Les Eyzies, there is a part of the river sheltered by trees and with a rope swing. We go there quite often. On this particular day I'd bought my camera - a Nikon D610, and Sigma Art lens - and was trying to get some shots of my son in his element, hurling himself into the river from a rope swing. Unstaged, spontaneous. This picture is one of a few dozen I took of him playing. With any lifestyle, family & child photography, it can be great to hang back and get the children in motion, in the middle of whatever moment rocks their world. Let go, and let the moment take you. In whatever direction. The action can be fast, unpredictable. Unscripted. It can be best to just shoot fast and look later. Often the imperfect photograph triumphs. A picture can have elements of blur, over or under exposure, an unusual caught-in-the-moment composition (how often have I loved haphazard pictures of people just entering or leaving the frame?). So wrong it's right. Precious moments can be preserved forever with this sort of uninhibited lifestyle, child & family photography. As Alice in Wonderland asks: How long is forever? and the White Rabbit replies, "Sometimes, just one second." The time it takes to let go. Fly. Take wings. I am back in Blackrock, Dublin, in just a few days, and I can't wait to take on new clients. Send me a message from the Contact me section of this website for more information on my sessions and mini sessions, Cara xc

e: "How long is forever?" White Rabbit: "Sometimes, just one second" Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll

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