• Cara Hodge

Room with a view, Week beginning March 8

A view from an old window on to a fresh summer meadow. The window is ancient and cracked with paint, in a house under renovation. An old bedroom in a French farmhouse that used to be a chicken coop! One of those quick pictures in between a mini portrait photoshoot. This ‘landscape’ was more of an after thought. The blanket caught my eye seemingly suspended between window panes. There are so many landscapes I admire. I see them everyday on my feed. It’s something I’d like to try more often, in between child portraits and family photoshoots. There is satisfaction to taking a landscape. After all, a row of beautiful trees, a country road, aren’t going to say, ‘I’m tired now, enough!’. I have all the time in the world. To play. With composition, with light, with camera settings. True, there will be a day, an hour, with a particularly interesting landscape to capture before the moment passes, the wonderful light fades... In France, for instance, the most special light is often before a thunder storm. That electric light, fizzling with anticipation, and it’s true, there really is a calm before the storm. When the colours in the landscape intensify. Glow with a fluorescent quality. Anyways... Around this time of year, I really miss France. As spring approaches, and the promise of a glorious summer feels real after a harsh winter. I miss the meadow, the old trees, the narrow winding country lanes. The smell of the grass in the morning covered in dew, even in the height of summer. The ancient coffee pot that creaks when you screw on the dented lid. But wow does it make the best coffee in the world! Anyways, I like the fact this snap is a glimpse through an old window into a fresh summer field, just after the hay has been collected, taken away in bales. We’ve been waiting in this lockdown in Dublin, Ireland, for what feels like forever. Forever...Tomorrow will be a very special day, though. Hurrah! The last day of homeschooling for 8 weeks (and about 12 weeks of lockdown in total since term finished in December 2020). Yippee! School’s back on Monday. I’m so happy that my son will be able to sit around a table and see his friends again! I know he has missed them all so much! I can’t wait for spring, hotter weather, and a new hope! Looking out of a window makes me think of good things to come, the promise of new things too. Stay safe and well, Cara x

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