• Cara Hodge

The last of the cherry blossom!

Spring has been so gorgeous around Blackrock, Dublin. The cherry blossom trees have all bloomed in beautiful red, pink & white. At golden hour it was wonderful to see the golden light turning some of the trees to fire.

I borrowed my daughter for a fun relaxed, casual photoshoot just off Avoca Avenue, Blackrock where there were some lovely blooms.

We did these quite late in the season so the ground was also scattered with pink blossom like confetti!

I have started a new page on my website dedicated to Individual portraits in a natural setting. Where the studio is wherever you want it to be. (Instead of studio lighting, of course there is always natural light!). In the comfort of your own home. Or at an outdoor location. There are many great places in Dublin for outdoor photoshoots. From the park to the seafront. Golden light is always great for photography. Also one hour before golden hour is usually perfect.

Cherry blossom backgrounds are also perfect for child, baby & family photography. Clothes can be coordinated to match the subtle colors of spring. Such as pastel and neutral white hues. Florence had some fun by adding a black fake fur hat as a focal point!

Now the cherry blossom has practically faded so next up are the new shoots & fresh leaves of summer! The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable, but the amount of variety for family photography in Dublin, as well as individual portraits, remains the same.

There is finally the feeling in the air that covid is receding into the past (...well, almost...). A fresh beginning!

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