• Cara Hodge

The Winter coat...

January is the depth of winter here in Ireland, but we've been lucky enough to have some gorgeous winter light. Winter light, golden and mellow, at all hours of the day. Or lowlight but stark at midday, offering up some interesting contrasts, without being too harsh. These pictures were taken inside my own fake-fur coat. Yep, it is fake fur! My son looks like a bear inside it, snuggling down. I have some more window scenes, still to edit...at some point. The winter coat offers some lovely soft texture, and the size of it means he could bury right inside. As ever, the edit is black & white, and I've done my usual thing of selective contrast and sharpening, bringing out the lights and darks, and the textures. I'm happy with the texture of his skin, everything is sharply in focus - the catchlights in his eyes give a pop of light. These are more portraits in genre, then lifestyle. They are obviously posed, the coat posing as the main prop.

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