• Cara Hodge

Tulip Fever in lockdown, Dublin

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Still in lockdown here in Dublin, Ireland. Week days and weekends blur together, and some days are way easier than others with the homeschooling. But, in between the challenges, and occasional meltdowns, there are some beautiful family moments. Also, some chances to do some indoor photography. I'm still thinking of indoor themes in the pockets of light I find around the house, where light meets shadow. I am a huge fan of lowlight. However, also in the bathroom where we have a skylight, there is the chance of making some interesting & quirky bath pictures, although this is still a work in progress.... I have taken some initial pictures there, but want to enhance the pictures soon, by adding more texture to the image, through the use of bubbles catching the light across the walls, and maybe some props. There is potential there, time will tell... As for the flower photos, there are more ideas in mind. Here I am so far...Cara x

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