• Cara Hodge

Under the apples when times were sweet & self isolation

So as coronavirus continues to spread across the globe at an astonishing rate, and most, if not all of Europe is currently under lockdown, now is the time to finish all the things that were previously hanging in the air. For me, it's partly about clearing out hard drives of old RAWS, and seeing if there are pictures worth salvaging. I'm simultaneously working on new pictures whenever the mood takes me - or my son or daughter. These pictures were taken last summer of my daughter in France. They were taken under the old apple tree in the field in front of our home in the Dordogne, western France. In the Dordogne where I inherited a house from my French grandmother, there is primary woodlands and forest - woods, that have always been woods - as far as anyone can remember. The biodiversity is incredible too - deer, wild boar, hares, all kinds of birds, plenty of butterflies. I have to watch out for the "chevreuil" , Roe deer, which come right into our garden to munch on rose buds! The quality of the soil, so rich in nutrients and no artificial fertiliser, means the fruit trees on our land is overflowing with fruit. Apples, peaches, and plums, mainly. There are also a fig trees. Here you can see the apples are literally crammed into every inch of the old tree, that has been standing since I was a little girl. I have hesitated with these pictures for a while, as I'm not sure the settings were quite right on my camera. I would repeat them in a different way; but now, looking back, as ever, I can't wait to go back to this wonderful place. For now, though, it's time to stay in cocooned, and try to keep healthy - also to make sure those in greater need can get to hospitals and ventilators, and get the healthcare they need. It's a far cry from apple trees and Roe deer. However, doing these pictures has been good to get my mind off things, even for a little while... Cara x

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