• Cara Hodge

Week beginning March 1st

I‘ve taken a new photo series this week but I haven’t finished yet. I’m going to continue with the child portraits of my son till school starts back for him mid March. (Which is soon. We are all pretty excited, it’s been weeks, but we’ve muddled through somehow, although some things have taken a back seat, including all things photography related). Sometimes I like to take my time and let the creative ideas brew. Especially if I’m in a bit of a creative rut. Those times, I have to be patient and wait for something to manifest. Even just the spark of an idea...Sometimes to break the rut, I just have to decide to pick up my camera. Trust that with a bit of good intention, the eye of my gorgeous Sigma Art lens will guide me to something good. I love the saying that it’s the heart that sees what is essentially invisible to the eye (it’s a quote from The Little Prince, I don’t have the exact words to hand...). Sometimes, I am winging it. Relying on imagination and intuition to guide the camera clicks. The spaces between the clicks, too. Time slowed down. Or racing fast. Moments that guide themselves. A look in the eye, a curl of the lip, a hand resting just this way or that. Rather then downloading the photographs after each mini session, (and by mini session, I very much mean time squeezed, rushed, at the end of homeschooling...). For now, I’ll purposefully continue where I left off the day before. I resist downloading what I’ve already captured. Just continue with it. As we are still in lockdown in Dublin, Ireland, a lot of the portraits I’ve taken are indoors using window light. Aside from my personal child portraits, I am making plans to update my client galleries on my website soon. For now, an old fave from my phone library. Stay well, Cara x

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