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What I've been up to. Bring out your wild child!

Hi there. I'm behind on editing my stack of photos from summer, even though we are now very much in autumn. Leaves turning yellow, red & orange all over Dublin, and Carysfort park just down the road is definitely golden with leaves. A marked chill in the air. The days growing shorter. The winter coats have made a comeback. Christmas already in Brown Thomas, all the decorations, I'm not kidding! Nevertheless, I have been busy. Mostly with revamping my website as I've been concentrating on the client section for my Dublin photoshoots. Focusing mainly on lifestyle & family photography. In order to this, I've been breathing new life into old photoshoots, and breathing still more new life into the very newest ones. Here's a photograph from a gallery I'm about to add. Childhood Unplugged, Stourhead, England. This was a fun-filled summer outing to one of England's most beautiful country houses and parklands. A triumph of Capability Brown in Somerset, to all garden and park enthusiasts. The children ran around in their element (more of them later...), exploring the park. Running across lawns. Climbing old trees. Just children being children. Back in the pre-covid carefree days, which I hope we will return to very soon. This session definitely had a documentary-style family shoot vibe. Very natural and authentic fun. The girls were dressed in fancy dress costumes. These pictures are in old files, and I have dug them out to edit a bunch. Brings back memories to look at them again. Stourhead really is a magical place with magical light and feels. I do think the fairies occupy the trees (I don't think I know). Here's the cover picture for this gallery. A little girl dressed as a princess who found a feather by a tree. With child photography, it can be super to capture the spontaneous chaos of childhood, but also to savour the still, quiet moments. The moments when our children are resting, sleeping, even. Or just reflecting. These are perfect moments for quiet, emotive, portraits. Child portrait photography is best when a moment is captured that is authentic. As a parent we know it when we see it. An expression that rings true. Whether the mood is smiles and laughter. Or contemplation and surprise. Or dreaminess. Or trepidation. Or plain sass. We know a true expression when we see one. Having child & family photoshoots in a park is a great way to capture children in their element. Some parks mimic nature so well. The unplugged childhood. A childhood of full of adventure & exploration. Carysfort park in Blackrock, Dublin, and the Smurfit business park down the road, here in Blackrock, have some amazing ornamental and ancient-looking trees that provide a beautiful naturalistic backdrop for child & family portraits. There are more on my child & family packages in the contact me section of this website, Cara x

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