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Whatever you do, do it with a smile (...sometimes...)

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The other day, still on holiday in France, I took some pictures of my son with an old frame I found lying about. This picture, here below, is what I might call an "in-between" moment. A moment in-between the shots I was concentrating on trying to get. But being a bit of a joker, a bit of a messer as they say in Ireland, he started to really have some fun. Revelling in his own love of being the centre of attention, and here, literally, centre-frame. This resulted in a moment with his head was thrown back in a beautiful radiant smile. My absolutely favourite photographs do not always have obvious emotions, such as laughter, as I tend to favour a mood that is less distinct, even mysterious if I'm lucky enough to capture that. A little quirky, even. There can be so much to be gleaned in the eyes, mouth, even the placement of hands in an effective portrait...And, after all, a big smile usually eclipses every other emotion possible. However in lifestyle photography, and child & family photography, what parent doesn't want to see their child really thriving, radiant, and happy?! Unbridled, unapologetic joy. In these rough times, who doesn't want to see a genuine smile. This photograph makes me happy, forget for a moment about what's more effective artistically. Black & white portraits are wonderful for capturing a moment of raw emotion. Soulful black & whites are atmospheric and dramatic, and timeless. Often classic in tone. The best have a wonderful contrast of light and shade, emphasising the blacks and whites to best effect. Aside from the smiling boy below, though, I am taking on clients for photo sessions. Sessions for portraits, including engagement, maternity, new baby, family & child photography, and any other special occasions. Including the debs. Please see my client section for examples of my photographs there, Cara x

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