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Smile. It's your family portrait!

Updated: Jan 17

I'll start with the first picture in this smiling family portrait series

I took some pictures of my son with an old frame I found lying about.

Being a bit of a joker, a bit of a "messer" as they say in Dublin, he started to really have some fun. Reveling in his love of being the center of attention, and here literally, center frame.

This picture is what I might call an "in-between" moment.

A moment in-between the shots I was concentrating on getting first.

His head was thrown back in a beautiful radiant smile.

My absolutely favorite photographs do not always have obvious emotions, such as laughter, as I tend to favor a mood that is less obvious. Enigmatic if I'm lucky enough to capture that in a portrait. A little quirky, even.

There can be so much communicated in the eyes, & the placement of hands in a child or family portrait...

A big smile usually eclipses every other emotion

HOWEVER what parent doesn't want to see their child radiant? Happy?

Unbridled, unapologetic joy? Or laughter?

The emotions of JOY

Answer: Every parent. Every parent loves to see a smiling child portrait. When I show them the best moments from their family photography session Dublin, these are usually a favorite straight away!

Along with my son smiling through a frame, I have included some other smiling portraits. From other sessions I have done with families, including natural newborn at home sessions

Some are big smiles. Other smiles are more subtle - a whisper on the corner of the lips.

My special interest is documentary, natural family photography. Also, at home newborn photography. Capturing moments of love, connection (..yes & JOY) as they arise.

Candid family portraits in a real life, no frills setting

I like my newborn & family photo shoots to be fun & fuss free!

Black & white child portraits are wonderful for capturing a moment of raw emotion. Soulful black & whites are atmospheric and dramatic. And timeless. The best have a wonderful contrast of light and shade.

Sessions for family portraits. Including engagement, maternity, new baby, family & child photography, and any other special occasions. Including the debs. Also natural newborn at home photography

Plenty of options to choose from. Most family sessions start from one hour! But I have mini and extended sessions also

Please see my Family Highlights client section for examples of my photographs there

Have a good week,

Cara xx

award winning picture of boy looking through picture fame and laughing

family portrait of girl in golden sunlight holding fruit

little girl next to a tree in park wearing a blue T shirt, smiling

young woman smiling under tree that is flowering, Dublin park

debs family portrait of young woman smilng to herself on a beach

family portrait with dad about to throw his son into the sea, smiling child

child portrait younf girl smiling and hair flying in the wind, black & white child portrait

little sister smiling as she hugs her older siblings, family picture

mum smiling at her baby girl, at home natural baby & newborn portrait

new mum smiling at her newborn, with dad at home on sofa, natural newborn at home portrait

communion portrait with girl turning and smiling, wearing communion gown and flower hair slide

debs portrait with young woman smiling under spring cherry blossom

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