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Precious newborn at home Dublin

At home, cozy and warm, on the sofa with mum, dad and big brother

Documentary family photography with your newborn. A few days after birth,  newborn is still curled up. The first precious days: at home newborn photography Dublin. With all the family there too.

mum's hands gently holding newborn baby girl's face as she sleeps against mum chest on the sofa with towel across her shoulder. at home newborn photography dublin by cara. natural, award winning family and newborn portraits. outdoor locations around dublin or at home.

Fuss free, no frills newborn.

Family photo shoot Dublin. On the sofa with newborn girl, mum & dad & sweet older brother. Natural newborn portraits at home Dublin.

As well as at home newborn photography Dublin, there was time to go outside. Newborn portraits on a carpet of autumn leaves. Outdoors, all natural light newborn sessions...

adult dads hands with wedding band holding newborn girl above a carpet of autumn leaves in soft focus. natural newborn portrait of sleeping newborn girl in wool hat and cardigan. phoenix park dublin newborn photography dublin by cara hodge
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