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Graduation Portraits Dublin. After the main ceremony, relaxed in the garden.

School's out, and it's time for long, lazy straw hat days.

Capture the essence of summer with a relaxed graduation photo shoot after the occasion. Whether you want to dress up or keep it casual, this is your chance to showcase your personality in front of the camera.


With options for wardrobe changes and different natural outdoor locations around Dublin, including summer meadows and more, your photo shoot will reflect the carefree spirit of the season.

As one of Dublin's best family photographers, I specialize in capturing genuine moments of interaction and honest expressions. Family sessions always include your teenagers and older children, so you can cherish and remember them right before their first steps into adulthood.

Perfect for candid debs and graduation family photography in Dublin, my goal is to capture genuine moments of joy and celebration. Let's create unforgettable memories together in the beautiful backdrop of summer in full bloom.

Book your session now and let's capture the summer mood in your graduation portraits.

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