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child lying on bird and flower patterened  duvet with collection of photographic books, one page open on showing animals and humans. Honorable mention in international child photo competition, best of black & white child photography, in lifestyle category

Awarded Child  Portrait

 Treasured Pictures

Emotive & Authentic Child Photography

Award Winning Child Photography. Whether the focus is a posed portrait or a moment captured naturally, the aim is to create something authentic & intriguing. The documentary aspect of taking pictures I love.


Magical moments that capture the joy, inspiration, & fleeting nature of childhood.


First, second & third place in International Child Photo Competition Best of Black & White, Lifestyle category (2018, 2019, 2020). Multiple Honorable Mentions & Nominee in Lifestyle, Portrait & Documentary & Street categories. 5th in Family Documentary Awards (2021).  Portfolio in Iconic Artist Magazine, Milan.


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Award Winning Gallery

award winning portrait, boy with kitten on a flower duvet
award winnning portrait of a young child swimming in a river, head submerged under the water, shown at Child Photo Competition weekly favourites
award winning child portrait, 2nd place international child photo comptetition in the lifestyle category. girl in lace dress and dirty socks curled up in egg shaped playground equipment

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award winning child portrait of boy in a bath filled with lego and a cat, drinking hot chocolate
award winning child portrait of a boy covered in plasters that resemble tatoos in the garden, at a dinner table, with his sister. 5th place award in international child photo competition, documentary family awards, "Nothing is better than real life"
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