There are times when the colour in a picture is just too pretty to ignore.  The glow of golden hour light on her cheek.  A pop of blue sky. Sunset. Sunrise. Colour can be essential. Joyful, light affirming, mood enhancing, and therefore perfect for lifestyle & family photography that focuses on real & authentic moments. Here are some of my award winning Child Colour Portraits. I tend to favour either dark & moody, in-between colours (shadow, low-light, rich contrasts). Or else, lighter airier shades & pastels. I love a dash of glow. A pop of vibrance, but not too much (I'm a fuss pot). Whatever the mood, though, the most important is to capture the authentic. A parent knows his or her child. They know every expression, every gesture. A moment of pure connection. Or reflection. Or joy. A moment, tiny & seemingly unimportant, can create the most lasting impression, Cara x

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Cara Hodge Photography Blackrock Dublin