Once the restrictions are eased even more here in Dublin, Ireland, as the battle with covid-19 accelerates over the next weeks, I am looking forward to taking on clients. Many of my favourite nearby sea locations, close to home here in Blackrock, are Seapoint, Sandycove, and the Forty Foot. In the wonderful sunny weather we've been having since the unexpected pandemic began - one thing to be thankful for at least - the light and the colours on the water have been mesmerising, particularly at golden hour. I look forward to sharing pictures from these locations soon. In the meantime, these pictures below are from a shoot I did a few years ago now in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, with this gorgeous girl. They also bring back memories of wonderful beach weather and mood. The sea can be a wonderful, dynamic backdrop for all kinds of portraits. Ever a romantic setting, the ocean can really bring a special moment alive. Whether it be engagement, maternity, new baby, family, or a special occasion like the debs at the end of the school year, a beach shoot can preserve special moments forever. In this particular shoot, there was plenty of opportunity for using the water, both in and out, the submerged quality of some of the pictures giving a dramatic twist for some of the pictures. I hope to continue the beach settings soon, Cara x

  • Cara Hodge

We are still in partial lockdown here in Blackrock, Dublin, with restrictions looking to ease further after June 8th. However the sun is shining every day. As soon as the pandemic started, so did the sunshine. It was unprecedented after weeks and months of rain and storms. I have plans for taking portraits down by the sea as soon as possible, now open again for the first time in months. Seapoint, Sanycove, and the Forty Foot are all beckoning. Ideal locations for engagement, maternity, debs, family and child photography. What is necessary is good light and preferably a high enougn tide to get some beautiful atmospheric water shots. In the meantime, here are some summer pictures from a few years ago, in my garden in Abu Dhabi, involving lots of pink bourgainvillea blossoms, a basin, and a garden hose. I have spent many hours in the garden there, as my son was growing up, from a baby into his toddler, pre-school and elementary years. I learned a lot about photography in this particular garden, which provided natural props of all sorts. The forms and textures of flowers and plants, and the effects of water, being some of the most obvious. Here in Blackrock, Dublin, it hasn't felt a millions miles away from an Abu Dhabi kind of springtime either. The gardens have burst forth into blossoms of all kinds here too. The most noticeable being the cherry blossom. Cara x

  • Cara Hodge

Here are some pictures I've put together of my daughter, Florence, taken in the field in France, Dordogne, next to an incredibly old, gnarly apple tree that has been there forever. Or at least as long as I've been a little girl. I've even been pictured next to this tree many times myself in, if I recall, blue pants and yellow wellington boots, or some other essential summer attire for three year old country urchins. These pictures were taken about 3-4 years ago, when my daughter was around 16, but since we are still in lockdown here in Dublin, Ireland, there has been time enough to breathe life into old pictures. When the restrictions surrounding covid-19 are lifted in Ireland, I'd like to take on a few clients. These pictures are an example of mood and tone of what I'd like to do for family, child, new baby, engagement, maternity, and general portrait photography. I'm based in Blackrock, Dublin, near Seapoint, Sandy Cove and the Forty Foot, perfect for beautiful seascapes & beautiful light. I hope to have examples of portraits taken at these locations very shortly, Cara x

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