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portrait of a woman with a fake fur hat under a tree, Blackrock park

Spotlight on You!

All New Individual Portraits in a Natural Setting

"Studio" style pictures in your favorite Dublin location.
One 10 x 8 inch mat print with your print package


Just One.
The most photographed selfie generation now has the least "proper" photographs. Photographs that stand the test of time. That can be printed. That you can hold in your hand
A Spotlight portrait package has all the traditional qualities of an studio portrait session. Only at a favorite location. Could be outside. Or at home. Wherever you feel best
I will work closely with you to see you at your best, looks & personality.  With the spotlight on your individual portraits, this is a chance to play. All the little details. Favorite clothes as well as favorite expressions
Whether you want a natural laid back vibe. Or something more glam, an escape from the every day - this is your chance to shine 
Let's face it, not every day can be a special celebration. Sometimes, it's about bringing magic to your ordinary. The studio is wherever and whatever you want it to be. Instead of studio light, natural light is the key here

For someone else? Vouchers available!



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