sisters holding a white dog

Welcome Home Pets!

Pet Photography (with or without you!)

Welcoming your pet into your family.
One extra 10 x 8 black & white print with your print package. Or 2 extra digitals with your digital package

During the pandemic, so many families welcomed in new pets in to their homes. To make lockdown more bearable, to spread joy. To bring hope

There is nothing quite so loving and joyful as a new puppy. Or adopting a new shelter dog into your family. Giving a dog a new lease of life is so rewarding. And they give back so much more...Yep, I'm a dog lover

But it's not all about dogs. It could be cat, rabbit, gerbil (...erm snake..?)

As part of your family photoshoot, if you have a new pet in the family, you can avail of this special photoshoot offer. Plus, if you just want pure pet photography & pet portraits, this offer also applies. Outdoor location or in your own home

For someone else? Vouchers available



Welcome Home!


1 extra 10 x 8 inch black & white print

Or 2 extra digitals


See regular photoshoot package for more information

Vouchers available

black & white family portrait of sisters holding a white dog


Welcome Home Pets!