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portrait of cara hodge photographer's french bulldog called Tony Hodge. close up of french bulldog's eye watching shoe lace danging in front of him, black & white award winning family photography


portrait of the award winning, professional family photographer dublin, Cara Hodge. Cara looking relaxed in ripped jeans and blue shirt, smiling


I am so glad you found me here. I hope to capture the magic of your family because within the chaos & the messiness there is always the magic


I believe the most meaningful pictures lie in the ordinary, every day moments that you connect with most

When they are framed on your wall, or placed beautifully in an album, you get to remember those moments every day. Bringing a spark of joy.


Here are a few favorite things, Aside from photography, that spring to mind.


Cola-Bottle sweets, all the pick n mix sweets


Thai food, especially green curry


Vikings (History channel)




Long walks in nature. Any kind of nature, I'm not fussed, just the pretty kind


Road trips




Dogs, because they are just the best. I have a Frenchie called Tony!


And some of my favorite photography related things...There are just so many, but, for starters:


Emotive child portraits. Children are so authentic


Passionate couples because love makes the world go around


Sleeping babies, sleeping babies are just perfect


Classic black & white photography.

Timeless & emotive. Everything distilled to its purest parts


Low light & shadows


Older children (I include adults). Because love is forever


Family pictures with your dog, cat (don't get me started on washing Zara) or... hamster. I love pets!!


Photography is less seen then felt


And here's a little fact:


My real name is Caroline. Cara is a nickname from my grandfather. When I started on my photography journey at the beginning, the name stuck.  

family portrait with dad throwing boy in flippers into the sea

Pictures are less seen with the eye than felt with the heart

I really got into photography about 11 years ago when I was living in Abu Dhabi

I love my Nikon camera & my Sigma 1.4 Art lens, perfect for portraits

I have taken workshops with photographers I admired from across the world and am a member of CLICKpro. Taking pictures of my own children growing up. Ordinary moments, and then later, with a little staging to create expressive, sometimes quirky, environmental portraits.

I love the in between, unscripted moments. The...


Where timeless child portraits cross into emotionally honest documentary family photography.

Fast forward moving to Dublin in 2018. All around me, there are gorgeous ocean & park locations. Perfect for  atmospheric Dublin photo shoots.

I'm inspired by films, books, art, music. Fairytales. Other photographers.

As well as everyday family photography, I love special occasions. Engagement, maternity, Holy Communion, baptism & debs. Your newborn in those first surreal days & weeks of life.

My pictures have been featured in Iconic Artist Magazine & VOGUE Italia portfolios. I have received various prizes at the International Child Photo Competition, best of black & white child photography in the lifestyle & portrait category & in the Documentary Family Awards, "nothing is better than real life" category.

I look forward to capture heartfelt, truthful memories of your family for you to cherish. I am also introducing mentoring if you want to learn along photography with me!


And that's my girl in a straw hat. I love taking pictures of teenagers because they are always our precious babies

young woman with slinky black dress falling off shoulder holding a painting of a woman in a summer meadow

i love that Children always have the most authentic expressions

award winning family portrait of boy splashing in a river
dad with arms outstreatched as baby girl takes her first steps outside in a garden with daisies. baby and newborn photographer dublin by cara. outdoor photo shoots for babies and newborns
award winning black & white portrait of a boy looking through a picture frame
couple holding their baby daughter's hand as they walk through a meadow of long grass. outdoor dublin photo shoots by cara. for families, children, babies and newborns
black & white award winning child portrait of girl fanning her hair wearing a crown of pine cones and flowers
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