dad and son playing in the sea

About Cara

Hi there!

portrait of Cara Hodge from Cara Hodge Photography, Blackrock, Dublin

 Hello, I am so glad you found me here.

I fell in love with photography about 11 years ago when I was living in Abu Dhabi. And, yep, you've guessed it. I still love taking pictures

There is a magic to that. Being able to capture a moment in time with a small clever box. (My trusty Nikon camera & my gorgeous Sigma Art lens). Perfect for emotive Lifestyle & Family photography.

I started out taking pictures of my own children, growing up. Lifestyle & documentary family photography. Ordinary moments that tug at the heart strings. And recently in Dublin, Ireland. All around me, there are gorgeous ocean & park locations. Perfect for  atmospheric Dublin photoshoots.

As well as everyday traditional family photography, I love to capture special occasions. Engagement, maternity, Holy Communion & debs. Your perfectly new, newborn.

Celebrating seasonal highlights such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays. Or just making the most of seasonal color & light, with your family.

My kind of magic.

I don't have a bunch of fancy camera equipment, I like to keep it simple. This means I can focus on what's going on around me. The emotion, expression, gesture. I don't want to miss out on all the best moments.

 I'm inspired by films, books, art, music. Fairytales. (Magic, again...)

My pictures have been featured in  Iconic Artist Magazine & VOGUE Italia portfolios.
 I have received prizes at the International Child Photo Competition Best of Black & White.

The light outside. And the light within.

I hope to capture just a tiny piece of magic. In my life, and in yours. 

Cara xo

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dhal

Aside from my love of photography, here's a few extra things I love.

My husband, two children (one son, one daughter). My Pomeranian, Pebbles. Zara, the cat. 

Some things I love, besides taking pictures:

Cola-Bottle sweets, all that is sweet-sour
Thai food, especially green curry
All spicy Asian food in general
Pizza Pasta
Marmalade on toast. With tea 

Books &

Long walks in nature. Any kind of nature, I'm not fussed, just the pretty kind
Road trips
Big fluffy clouds
Big belly laughs
Oh yes, shoes

And some of my favorite photography related things...Well now. There are just so many, but, for starters:

Child portraits. Children are so authentic

Passionate couples because love makes the world go around

Sleeping babies, sleeping babies are just perfect

Newborn baby feet

Classic black & white photography. Timeless & emotive. Everything distilled to its purest parts

True, natural color

Low light & shadows

Older children (I include adults). Because love is forever

Belly laughs


The kind of pictures that raise goosebumps. Photography is less seen then felt



family portrait
award winning black & white portrait of a boy looking through a picture frame
boy on a beach in Sri-Lanka playing with sand
young boy playing in the ocean with daddy