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communion portrait with detail of girl in communion dress sitting on hotel stair case and covering her eyes

Kind Words


I loved the fact I didn't feel stressed or worried in front of the camera. Perhaps for the first time ever! I could just relax and enjoy having the family pictures for a change. Now I have all three kids in the one picture, no mean feat! Cara's warmth made it easy. And of course I LOVE the pictures!


I didn't have much time to prepare for the photo shoot, I am sure I was covered with gunk from the baby, I pulled on the only clothes that fit me and basically that was it. I knew I wanted the newborn pictures for my son so he could look back on that time of being a tiny baby.He was only 2 weeks old, straight from the hospital. So tiny.  I am so glad I got them done. They are STUNNING and I am recommending Cara to all my friends


I had a family portrait session done at the beach. Luckily the weather was great and we chose the perfect day. I thought I was going to love my colour photos, and I did, but when I saw the black and white conversions, I was like, GAH!! Everything about the shoot was marvelous, I want to do it all over again tomorrow PLEASE!


Cara was great. We got the pictures done in a really lovely setting, a park. At first I just wanted the children's pictures but in the end Cara made me feel really COMFORTABLE in front of the camera. I am so pleased I finally got in the pictures with the children. It all came together really naturally, and the time flew. Delighted with the pictures and especially as I have all the children together in a frame. One to remember, I would definitely recommend Cara for family photos

"I LOVE my baby pictures so much. We went to carysfort park in Blackrock, Dublin. Had so much FUN taking pictures between the trees, at various locations around the park. By a fountain and inside a maize. I didn't get newborn pictures done so was really delighted to have some of my son now that he's a bit older. Gorgeous family photos, now framed and on my wall. Couldn't be happier!"


young girl in communion gown and flower headband hugging her dad in a blue suit in the garden at home natural communion family portraits dublin
mum holding newborn baby in her arms wrapped in a white blanket on the sofa, at home newborn photo shoot Dublin


For my mum's birthday I surprised her by getting pictures of me and my brothers and sisters so she could have us all in a family portrait.  I was really THRILLED with all the pictures. My mum was so emotional when she saw the ones we'd picked and got printed. The prints are amazing, my favourites are the black & whites. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat


I booked a newborn baby photoshoot at home for my wife as she said she didn't have any pictures of us as a family. When we saw the gallery we were overwhelmed with the choice. Emotional to see us in the pictures but there were ones that really stood out. There were so many PERFECT pictures


Had a family portrait session in the garden. Cara was friendly and made everyone feel at ease. The children had a BRILLIANT time. The pictures were beautiful. I couldn't recommend Cara enough, she is so talented

I bought a gift voucher for my wife for her birthday. Also because she was expecting our first child. We had a beach session in December! It was freezing, and I spent the time wishing the pregnancy had happened over summer. When I saw the gallery though I was SUPER OVER THE MOON with the selection and my wife was also very happy, so I recommend doing pictures with Cara, she is very talented and professional. Thank you, thank you!!


cara was wonderful to work with for my dad's surprise birthday party at home with the grandkids. she captured a day with so much joy! we're so grateful to her. these pictures will mean so much down the years...we will definitely book cara again...



we are so lucky to have booked cara on our family photo shoot. i cannot recommend her enough. she was brilliant from start to finish. we love the pictures.

three young women on a bench in a moss covered stone courtyard , the middle woman holding a laughing babu boy, with the two others in long vintage skirts watching. family photofrapher dublin with babies. outdoor natural light photo shoots including seasonal mini family sessions
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