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The Sparkle of Debs Photography in Dublin

Capturing the Magic of Your Debs with Professional Photography in Dublin


Experience the enchantment of your debs night! I specialize in creating timeless, vintage inspired portraits that reflect all the magic and glitter of your special celebration. I include both color and classic black & white in your gallery of best images from our time together.

Perfect Pre-Debs and Debs Photography Sessions in South Dublin

Whether you're planning a small, close-knit gathering of family and friends or an elaborate party, my pre-debs photography sessions ensure that every moment is captured beautifully, from wardrobe details to unplanned quirky moments, I make sure you have delightful memories to cherish. My sessions can take place before, during or after the debs party.

Elegant and Personalized Debs Portraits

In the comfort of your own home and garden, or at the event venue, I bring out all that glitters in your debs portraits. My south Dublin photography sessions combine ageless portraits with candid moments taken with a documentary style.

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