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Boom! Engagement & Couples

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 Celebrate with a couples & engagement photoshoot

It's not about perfectly staged photographs, but who you are...

The adventure starts here. Whether you've been together for a while. Or you're just starting on this life adventure together. Now there is a chance to tell your unique love story with timeless pictures

It shouldn't be about perfectly staged photographs but who you are.  I start off by finding out how you would like to tell your story. Wheree you'd feel most comfortable. I am open to any sort of landscape or seascape. During the photoshoot I let you connect naturally. I may offer a few prompts here and there to break the ice and make things feel fun and easygoing.  I might ask you to make your way across the beach together and follow you as you journey from one part of the landscape to another. Big skies and big panorama help to make your engagement photographs even more special. I may ask you to pause now and again and connect. After that, you take the lead.

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lovers on a bycycle

couple looking at each other on a park bench

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couple standing on a beach in Dublin

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couple looking at each other on a park bench

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A romantic portrait of a man lifting a woman into his arms with the sea in the backgroud





Three steps to telling your story

couple standing in a wheelbarrow

Journey starts here

Decide on a location you love. Could be a place you often visit together. There are beautiful parks & seascapes in Dublin. Perfect for romantic seasonal backdrops. Let me know if you want wardrobe changes or keep it casual & natural.

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Click! Romance

No need to pose. There will be a few prompts here and there to break the ice! Warm things up! I have ideas that look good on camera. After that, let the moments come together naturally. I'll handle closeups as well as you in the wider landscape

couple hugging in a wheelbarrow

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See your edited engagement pictures in a professional online gallery. Select a print package of your favorite photographs. Digital packages are also available. There are options for albums in beautiful Italian leather to showcase the start of your adventure as a couple!

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couple with arms around each other

The adventure starts here...

portrait of a couple in a meadow
couple kissing on Dublin beach