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Baby it's cold outside..!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

It's that time of year when we hunker down in our houses, hopefully with our loved ones close to us, physically at best and also in our thoughts and in our memories, to bring in the festive season. Remember the birth of Christ, hope & new beginnings. We could do with new beginnings in 2021, hey! What a year 2020 has been for so many of us. Certainly I could not have predicted all the changes that this year would bring. Both unwanted and wanted. It's also been very interesting to see how in lock-down, creativity can be revived or change path slightly, setting off in a new and exciting direction. I've experimented more with colour portraits, for example. And white balance. Other things have stayed the same. My love of emotive & classic Child Portraits, for example. Sometimes when it's cold & frosty out - Winter has most definitely arrived here in Blackrock, Dublin - it's lovely to stay cozy and warm inside. Sometimes we play with simple portraits using the window light here at home. This is a quick picture of my son resting, snuggled warm & cozy, in a blanket on the floor. He wasn't preparing to be photographed, it was an impulse to capture the moment, unawares. His expression shows a bit of nonchalance. A little tired, perhaps. Even a little bored of being home (we were in a Level 5 lockdown then, the strictest, from October to early December. Only the schools remained open). Photographs are often felt not seen. I've read that many times. Sometimes I feel the moment in my bones. An ordinary moment, perhaps, but something that we connect to. It's not a Christmas portrait as such, just a portrait taken at Christmas time. That could be any other time. Time slows down, there is a connection that seems to transcend the lens of the camera. Almost without exception these are the best portraits. At least the ones that become my favourites. Cara x


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