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Dreaming of dancing. The black & white mood this week...

Updated: May 1, 2021

There have been a fair few indoor portraits going on this week, particularly as the weather has been a bit sketchy. Blustery and a little grey, with the odd bit of brilliant sunshine here and there to remind us that Spring is almost here. Still, the window light in my home in Blackrock is perfect for portraits. I’ve been experimenting with a few storytelling themes using photographs from a favourite book by Peter Lindbergh, also one of my favourite photographers. I love ‘Untold Stories’ and I marvel at each of his pictures, gaining untold inspiration. His pictures are always honest and have a mythical, classical feel. Models acquire a legendary presence on the page, filling it in unusual ways, powerful and brave, unapologetic, physically as well as emotionally. The task I think is to capture some of this emotion and dynamism with my own model. Anyways... I’m still mulling over it. Here are a few black & white portraits that I’ve edited this week. My favourite is definitely the first child portrait. This is because it was a happy accident that my son closed his eyes, suddenly all relaxed and nonchalant in the late afternoon light, and his fingers just happened to look like he is touching the dancer‘s hand in the picture. As though they are holding hands. This was quite by chance. I am happy because obviously these pictures were posed, orchestrated, but this one is more documentary style, unprepared & spontaneous. With such a simple portrait, I like to do a careful edit that brings out the texture in the picture. From the weave of the carpet to the freckles on his face, the faint creases of his wrist. His slightly cracked bottom lip. These are tiny details but in such an otherwise simple composition, these details are important. The bath picture is one I took a while back, messing about with bath foam. I love the way he looks lost in thought. Also how the foamy beard mirrors the cloudy hydrangea in the glass. Again it’s the details that matter to me. And hey, I’ve finally managed to blog more than one picture this week, and that’s a first in quite a while! That’s all for this week folks, stay safe and well, Cara X

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