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Bright Lights, Big City, Dublin

Here are some pictures from an urban Dublin photoshoot I did a couple of months ago with these two talented boys. Zack & Josh.

They are in involved in the music & arts scene in Dublin & I said I would take some portraits of them for their music marketing & merch

We wondered Dublin streets looking for atmospheric features - interesting shop fronts, neon lighting, corner cafes... lamp posts to lean on. We ended up on a market street with interesting shops selling wigs of all things

As daylight faded into dusk there was plenty of low light to work with for atmospheric portraits. I love the relationship between light & shade, especially for emotive portraits. At the end of the day, the light is beautifully soft allowing for a gentle transition between light & shade.

As ever, I ADORE a black & white portrait & here with the low light & street scenes, I think it adds to a classic & emotive atmosphere. There is something about these that reminds me of a Bob Dylan cover, perhaps it's the cinematic, vintage feel of these timeless black & whites!

We are very quick to take portraits of babies & young children, but I love taking pictures of older children too - teenagers & young adults. Because they are taking their first steps into adulthood, into manifesting their hopes & dreams. These guys were full of creative ideas & planning their gigs across Dublin. As ever, with a portrait, I look for an authentic moment that tells something true & sincere about a person - in their expression, gesture. The eyes really are the windows of the soul...Zack & Josh had some wonderful moments of eye contact.

The beauty of photographing teens & young adults, is they can take a little direction. As much as I embrace the chaotic moments of family photography, it's a nice break to be able to breathe, take a step back, and really look for those moments of connection. And of course, with great eye contact comes some great catch lights - that sparkle or gleam in the eye. That emotion.

Doing some urban, documentary style photography was an interesting break from doing park & beach scenes

Talking of photographing young people, I am going to New York in a couple of weeks to take pictures of my daughter's graduation at Columbia University, NYC - along with her best friend Ashley. I cannot WAIT to take graduation pictures of these two on the steps of the university in their white dresses, caps & gowns! More on this special event soon! I will be polishing my Sigma Art lens for that one soon...

Aside from trying to blog more, I have been busy transforming my Photoshoots page to show off latest Dublin photoshoots. I have done two beautiful newborn & baby sessions and so can't wait to share those in the coming weeks!

For more family photography, including family, baby & newborn family photoshoots - or portrait sessions with older teens - or just you! please contact me, Cara x

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